"Even for a desperate wish, some prices are too high. In Teiran’s darkest hour, a strange spirit offers help - one chance to banish his fears forever. With his grim purpose, Teiran readies a spell even as echoes of consequence start to sound."

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A coming-of-age type story that leans heavily on introspection and character flaws. Mental journeys and physical ones often mirror each other, and running can only take you so far. Thank you for riding along through the magic and softly dark* world of Illusory, the creator’s first ever story!

*Warning for mild images of blood, mild language, possible scopophobia, trypohobia, depictions of anxiety attacks, and emotional abuse.


Nicole "Nicci" Busse is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated UNCO with a BA in Art and Design, and a few years of making comics for her local paper. Her goal is to create emotionally resonant art and stories to connect with her audience and the world at large. She utilizes soft surrealism and fantastical dark imagery to communicate through her artwork.

You can find her art blogs here (tumblr / instagram), or her personal blog here (inspiration blog). Email for commissions or other job offers, please contact