by niccillustrates

Concept Art 1

I started working on the idea of Illusory the summer before Freshman year in college ( and now, during Senior year...I'm nearly done with chapter two haha ;u; ) Here's some of the first sketches I ever did for it!

Originally, Teiran was going to have magic! Now, that's swapped out for [spoilers] ;) He was also much more agressive in the planning stages. The story as a whole has also changed quite a lot - the only thing that's stayed the same plot-wise is Teiran running away from home. 

I admit, the reason I'm only now finishing chapter two after so many years is because I re-did this comic twice. Here are the pages from the first two attempts...

It's interesting to look back on these and see the progress of art and story. The first two attempts had very draw-out, slow openings. This time around, I tried to rearrange things for a better flow. At least, I hope it reads more interestingly than the first two, haha! 

I mentioned in the Foreword, but it bears repeating here - this comic is an experiment. I'm practing with art techniques and storytelling. The art above proves that, I think, I've made some progress in both of those areas. There's certainly things I'm going to work on bettering now, too (like backgrounds - no blurry silhouettes anymore haha) and you're always welcome to point out weak-spots or strong-spots in my work. Learning is the goal here!